22 quid to watch 4th Division football? Ye gods.

The Nou Camp view comes to East London

The world has gone mad. I’ll say again. 22 quid to watch 4th Division Football. Not even good 4th division football either but the game between Dagenham & Redbridge V Torquay United. A game back in August between two awful sides. Both sides booed off at half time after a first half littered with mistakes, misplaced passes and general footballing disability. It was almost like watching your mum play your nephew at FIFA 2011 on the X-Box. A woman with zero hand to eye coordination and a nephew who’s enjoying the sugar rush of Cadbury’s chocolate buttons.

A couple of seasons back Dagenham (and Redbridge) decided to the upgrade one end of the ground in the same way that Aberdeen once did at Pittodrie by building a stand three times higher than any other stand in the ground. Legend has it at Pittodrie that it’s only one of two stadiums in the world where paying customers are treated to a view of downtown Stavanger (in Norway). The other being Viking Stavanger’s Viking Stadion. Dagenham then decided to charge away fans £22 to sit in it. Nice view but a premium price for the chance on a clear day to see the Dartford Crossing from the comfort of East London.
Packing them in @Dagenham
Anyway, an awful match ended 1-1. Things got a little better in the second half. How on earth anyone can justify the pricing is beyond me. Surely they should throw in a complimetary cup of tea.
Full photo gallery here.

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