Cobham V Guernsey/Wealdstone V Wingate & Finchley double header

Allez les Verts. A French team in the Combined Counties League.

This was the day of the Blue Square triple header. But out of three home venues on offer (Braintree, Chelmsford City and Bishop’s Stortford) I only really wanted to see Braintree. Chelmsford is just an athletics stadium and poor Bishop’s Stortford have been shoved in the Blue Square North (I’m not sure Blyth Spartans is that regional though!) so in the end I decided to pay a visit to Cobham’s Mutton of Lamb Field for their Combined Counties Division One clash with Guernsey, who have been admitted into the English Leagues and into a regional Surrey division if they pay for the away travel of teams coming to play them in Guernsey.

Their presence was certainly felt in Cobham. They had around 100 of their own supporters dressed in green (never a favourite colour for a Torquay fan) and a mix of all ages including several attractive young ladies. Matt Le Tissier’s older brother is involved quite heavily with the club.
The opening exchanges were fairly equal until Guernsey scored. Then scored another in fairly quick succession before completely running away with it in the second half. On the evidence of the day, they should be able to get promotion from this league. Currently they are sitting on top of the league 6 divisions below the football league but averaging home crowds of 1,500 in a league where 100 would be the average.
A cry for psychological help at Cobham.
I have to say I quite like the introduction of Guernsey into the English leagues. Something I will like until they do a FA Cup giantkilling act on Torquay.
Photo gallery link:
So onto Wealdstone V Wingate & Finchley at Grosvenor Vale in Ruislip which has been the permanent home of the Stones for a few years now after being forced out of their Lower Mead ground when it was sold to Tesco under dubious circumstances. I go to Wealdstone quite often. They are, as last season’s statistics show the 13th best supported club at Step 3 level (Division 7 level) with an average of above 400. 400 noisy souls as well. This is a club where the supporters really add something to the atmosphere.
Early Wealdstone pressure, but then it all went downhill quicker than Permin Zubriggen
Wingate & Finchley were promoted to the Ryman Premier League last season and play some good football. I saw them lose in a pre-season game at Chesham and they were awful. On paper it seemed that a decent win for Wealdstone might’ve been expected. At 0-0 Wingate had a player given a straight red for a dangerous challenge. The odds shortened. No way Wealdstone could lose. No way. Surely the best Wingate could hope for was a brave rearguard action. But no. They romped to a easy 2-4 away win. A fully deserved win. No complaints from the Wealdstone faithful to the referee apart from the usual numpties who vent half a spleen over a few yards nicked on throw ins.
Photo Gallery here:

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